Poker Persuasion

Poker is not just a pastime, it’s a passion that’s developed centuries and continents over, and will always hold its place in popular culture, art, and history.

The exact origins of the five-card draw are difficult to trace, but arguably variants of the poker game have been around since as early as the Renaissance. However, it was Vegas, baby, that gave it the notoriety that it carries with its name today.

The differences between the numerous types of poker ‒ Community, Stud, Draw and Straight ‒ all come down to the celebrity-like popularity of the poker game; however, essentially the key aspects remain unchanged.

That said, newbies to the game should stick to the standard draw. Whilst poker may take an evening to grasp, it can take years to master, and the myth that you either have it or you don’t, is just that, fantasy. The truth is, many of the best of the high rollers put in countless hours into the discipline to get where they are today.

Poker is like a language, so ultimately it all comes down to syntax. The best way to become a real star is to grasp the very basics and progressively develop into the variants from there.