Playing Pineapple Poker

There are many different variants of poker around. With Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em and more there is now a newcomer to the group. This is Pineapple poker. Pineapple is a combination of Omaha and Hold’em. It takes the general structure of Hold’em but the unpredictability of Omaha and combines it into a new game.

How to Play Pineapple Poker

Whilst very similar to the two previously mentioned games, there are a few key differences. Also known as crazy pineapple or crazy pineapple hi/lo; instead of players being dealt two cards as they are in Hold’em, they are dealt three. This allows players more options for a good hand, though the third card will be discarded later on in the game. After this first deal players will make a first round of betting. This all takes place before the flop – the first community cards being dealt. Players must also get rid of one of their cards prior to the flop occurring. The game then continues as it would in Texas Hold’em with rounds of betting. Crazy Pineapple does operate slightly differently with the third card being discarded after the flop instead of before. For players who’d like more information on the gaming rules, click here.

Considered to be more of an action game, Pineapple poker still requires basic strategy and knowledge of good starting hands when playing. The three-card hand allows for more options, though as it is with Omaha, Pineapple requires hands of a high calibre in order to win. The biggest and hardest decision in the game comes after the flop. The multiway play makes for a lot more action and the need for higher value hands can put more pressure on that decision. Good starting hands are essential to success in all forms of Pineapple.