Basic Poker Strategy

Poker is a fun game to play at home with friends or in a more serious environment such as a casino. In both instances however, a good knowledge of basic poker strategy will stand a player in good stead when trying to get winning hands. A combination of luck and skill is needed for this game and a few basic strategies will be outlined here.

First it is important to be in the correct mind-set. Whilst not technically a strategy it is strongly advised that players join a game when they are calm and focused. Playing when angry, sad or drunk severely impairs judgment and can lead to bad decision-making. Focus is the key when it comes to playing poker.

The main point of a strategy in any game is to increase ones odds within the game. For poker this involves a bit of maths, probability to be exact. In poker there are good bets but there are also bad bets and it is the ability to make the distinction between the two that makes an average player or a great one. Odds are very important when it comes to poker as they can give an indication of how likely a specific event is i.e. gaining the best hand. But first players need to learn the outs. An out is a card that will make a player’s hand a winning one. To do this means learning all the different types of hands like, the back of your hand! Players need to become fully acquainted with the levels of each hand and how common it is to gain it. offers more on how to achieve this.

Once all the hands have been learnt then the player can move on to focusing on the table, the cards and the moves that other players are making. This will enable players to start predicting whether specific hands are going to be turning up. Then a player is well on their way to a higher level of play.